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When it comes to our valued clients in Guelph, ON, we at Pallet Management Group understand the importance of dependable and top-quality wooden pallets. Our commitment is centered on providing customized, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable solutions that cater to your specific storage and transportation requirements.

With a range of pallet options to choose from, we are well-equipped to tackle any challenge you may encounter. Choose us as your trusted partner in Guelph, and let our wooden pallets streamline your operations and give you peace of mind.

As a reputable pallet supplier in Guelph, we are dedicated to catering to our customers’ diverse requirements. We take great pride in offering a wide range of options that include new wood pallets, recycled wood pallets, and re-manufactured as well as combination wooden pallets. Our heat-treated, ISPM-15-certified pallets adhere to rigorous international shipping standards, ensuring smooth cross-border logistics.

With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer the flexibility of custom-built pallets tailored precisely to your specifications or re-assembled pallets crafted from recycled and refurbished components. Count on us for dependable, high-quality pallet solutions that are delivered on-budget and on-time.

Your Source for Heat Treated Pallets & Wood Pallets in Guelph

With a remarkable 30 years of experience, Pallet Management Group stands at the forefront as an environmental steward, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our commitment to the planet is evident in our comprehensive retrieval programs, which actively reduce wood waste through pallet recycling, retrieval, and repair initiatives. By implementing these sustainable practices, we contribute to a circular economy while minimizing our ecological footprint. Join us in our mission to create a greener future through responsible pallet management.

Simplify your pallet management process with our comprehensive drop-and-switch trailer program. Thanks to our extensive fleet of over 100 trailers strategically located across Ontario, we can station a trailer directly at your facility, consolidating used pallets without occupying valuable warehouse space.

This streamlined approach ensures optimal pallet rotation and eliminates the need for additional storage infrastructure. We also offer the highest rates for your recycled pallets, providing you with an opportunity to save money while promoting sustainable practices. Experience efficient, cost-effective pallet management with our industry-leading services.

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Wooden Pallet Options


At our facility, we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to create new wood pallets that are meticulously custom-configured to your precise specifications. Whether you require standard pallet designs or have unique requirements, we have the capabilities to accommodate your needs.


We take pride in offering a diverse inventory of quality-tested recycled pallets. These eco-friendly pallets are carefully sourced from trusted industry partners who share our dedication to sustainability. Each pallet undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its durability and reliability, providing you with a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution.


When it comes to value, our pallets stand out from the competition. Combining new and recycled components, these pallets offer exceptional quality without compromising on affordability.


At our facility, we have the capabilities to build custom pallets that perfectly match your requirements. Whether you prefer standard designs or have specific dimensions and features in mind, we are equipped to deliver.


As advocates for environmental sustainability, we take pride in our heat-treated pallets, which are fully compliant with the stringent ISPM 15 standards. These pallets are designed to meet the challenges of international shipping while protecting the balance of ecosystems.

A Wide Variety of the High-Quality Pallets

When it comes to pallet solutions, Pallet Management Group stands as an industry leader in Canada. We have earned the trust of numerous Fortune 500 companies by consistently delivering exceptional products and services. Operating in Ontario, our expansive inventory and production space allow us to cater to diverse requirements with ease. With a team of knowledgeable professionals backed by 30 years of experience, we are your reliable and dependable partner for all your pallet needs. Experience the difference of working with an established industry leader who understands your business and is committed to your success.

On time delivery!

With a 97% on time delivery record, we have established a reputation for service. We deliver on our commitment and we deliver on time.

One Source for all Your Pallet Needs

  • Number One company in Pallet Recovery
  • Expansive inventory of the most common pallets
  • Heat Treat available in all sizes
  • Processing over 50,000 pallets a week!
  • 28 Years in the Pallet Business
  • Largest inventories of recycled 48 x 40 and 48 x 45 pallets in Ontario
  • Highest prices paid for unwanted 48 x 40 and mixed spec pallets
  • CFIA approved to recycle and sell ISPM 15, heat-treated pallets
  • 24-7 service
  • Number one company in pallet recovery
  • Large inventory of the most common pallets
  • Heat treated pallets available in all sizes
  • Processing over 50,000 pallets a week!
  • 30 Years in the Pallet Business
  • Largest inventories of recycled 48 x 40 and 48 x 45 pallets in Ontario
  • Highest prices paid for unwanted 48 x 40 and mixed spec pallets
  • CFIA approved to recycle and sell ISPM 15, heat-treated pallets
  • 24-7 pallet services


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