Drop and Switch Program Trailer

At Pallet Management Group, we operate over 100 trailers throughout Ontario and if the volume warrants it, we can state a trailer at your site in order to consolidate your used pallets and not take up valuable warehouse space.

We can operate a Drop and Switch program right at your facility and within 24 hours of your call, we will arrive with an empty trailer to replace your full one.

You are never left without capacity and never endure lengthy delays.

As an MTO Certified facility, our equipment is maintained at the highest levels in order to prevent service failure.

Pallet Management Group operates 6 days a week or as necessary in order to service your company needs.

Reduce clutter at your facility with our Drop and Switch Program Trailer.


On time delivery!

With a 97% on time delivery record, we have established a reputation for service. We deliver on our commitment and we deliver on time.