Heat Treated Wooden Pallets

Pallet Management Group has been ISPM 15 Certified to manufacture Heat Treated pallets since 2005.

We can build any specification you may need from new materials but as one of the largest Pallet recyclers in Ontario, Pallet Management Group also is certified and able to build your pallets from Re-Claimed materials as well and in accordance with the ISPM # 15 guidelines.

No matter if it is New, Recycled or a Combination of both, Pallet Management Group can customer build a Heat Treated Pallet that will meet your needs for performance and price.

Heat treating is the safest and most reliable way to treat wood pallets for exporting. Heat treating eliminates all possible insect infestations and is environmentally safe.

Have questions about Heat Treating? Please follow this link.

to visit the Canadian Government FAQs.


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