You may have heard the term before, but what exactly are wood pallet collars? Pallet collars are a modern and highly effective packing solution for storing and transporting goods of various sizes. If you’re having trouble keeping all of your products safe and organized during shipment, storage or transportation, try using pallet collars for improved security. Here are some of the benefits of using pallet collars alongside your wood pallets.

What Are Pallet Collars?

Pallet collars consist of four to six pieces of wooden board connected by metal hinges so that they create a square frame. This frame can be secured onto wood pallets to contain products within the perimeter of the pallet. The hinges on the collar are collapsible so the collar can be laid flat for storage.

Space-Saving Innovation

Wood pallet collars save space both in warehouses and while products are being transported. Placing pallet collars on top of wood pallets allows you to stack pallets for more efficient storage without worrying about damaging products. By containing the products that are loaded on to wood pallets, collars help to make product storage more efficient while preventing damage from over packing. Since they are easily collapsible, pallet collars won’t take up much space while they’re not in use.

Cut You Costs with Pallet Collars

Another benefit of using pallet collars is all the money you’ll save. Pallet collars help to keep your products and your wood pallets protected from damage, so you’ll have less replacement and repair expenses. Pallet collars allow you to pack products more efficiently so you’ll be able to ship more products using less space, allowing you to reduce your transportation costs. If you’re looking to reduce your logistics budget, pallet collars are a great investment.

Pallet collars are helping companies to keep their products safe every step of the way, from manufacturing to storage to delivery. Not only do collars keep your products safe, they also help to prevent damage to your wood pallets. If you have damaged wood pallets you need recycled, or if you need new wood pallets for your warehouse or company, Pallet Management Group has the highest quality refurbished wood pallets available on the market today. For more information about our products and services, contact us at Pallet Management Group.