Mulch is the term used to describe any material that is spread over the ground to insulate and protect soil. It helps increase soil fertility, and can protect plants from nasty insects and pests. Ground up wooden pallets, believe it or not, make fantastic mulch for your yard or garden.

How does it work?

Recycled pallets are generally turned into mulch by a heavy machine known as a “tub grinder.” Powerful magnets are used to separate any nails or other metals in the tub grinder, so the end product is pure, wood mulch; at Pallet Management Group and our sister company, GLWP, we make mulch on site, offering premium quality recycled mulches.

Special Add-Ons

Once the mulch has been produced, it is colored with iron-oxide water-based dyes which are all natural, environmentally friendly, and safe for pets and children. Iron-oxide dyes can create striking colours like ruby red or charcoal black. These all-natural dyes have a superior colour holding capacity, ensuring your colour stays, no matter what the environment or precipitation. Other forms of mulch, like shredded bark, lose their color much faster.

Mulches can also be conditioned to improve water retention, which promotes a healthy lawn and evens out water distribution.

Why Wooden Pallet Mulch?

Wooden pallet mulch is a fantastic eco-friendly option if you’re looking to cover your lawn. By purchasing wooden pallet mulch, and effectively reusing recycled pallets, you are reducing the amount of waste in landfills.

Mulch has incredible effects on your lawn, including improved water retention and suppressed weed growth. In addition, wood pallet mulch is a safe, non-toxic product that can be applied by anyone.

Coloured mulch can be used to enhance your lawn by drawing attention to a beautiful garden or bush, or can be used simply to protect a tree from harmful insects.

How Do I Apply it?

Mulch can be applied at any time of day, and can be used to protect trees, shrubs, ornamentals, bulbs, and flowers. Wood pallet mulch has many uses, and can also be applied to children’s playgrounds and as bedding for pets (it is best to use non-coloured mulch for pets.)

At Pallet Management Group, we understand the growing needs of the wood pallet industry. Our high quality products are designed to meet the needs of each individual customer while offering ecologically sound sources for manufacturing or reuse. We offer a variety of products, including new pallets, old pallets, re-manufactured pallets, combination pallets, and heat-treated pallets.

If you have any questions about the pallet services we offer, or would like to place an order for wood pallets, get in touch today—our knowledgeable professionals are here to help.