From retail to agriculture and everything in between, wood pallets are essential to the transportation and storage process in a variety of industries. It is estimated that wood pallets carry up to 80% of all commerce and account for almost half of all hardwood lumber production in the United States. Some experts in the field have argued that wood pallets are the single most important product in the global supply chain. Here is some more information about the role of wood pallets within the global supply chain from the pallet management specialists at Pallet Management Group:

The Rise of Wood Pallets

How did wood pallets become so popular in global shipping and transportation? Two main factors have led to the ubiquity of wood pallets within the global supply chain. The first reason why wood pallets became more popular is due to the invention of the forklift in the late 1930s, which allowed larger quantities of items to be transported at one time. The efficient design of wood pallets allowed them to be stacked, moved, and stored faster and more conveniently than other shipping and transportation tools.

World War II was the other factor that increased the popularity of wood pallet. With so many workers taken away from the workplace to fight in the war, wood pallets helped to make shipping and transportation more efficient and manage turnaround time with a reduced workforce. When the war was over, wood pallets had been fully integrated into the supply chains of many industries. Increased globalization and advancing technology have made the wood pallet industry a global phenomenon, helping products get from continent to continent faster and more efficiently than ever.

How to Manage Your Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are crucial within the global supply chain and their role shows no signs of waning in importance. The best way to keep your wood pallet supply organized, in good condition, and cost effective is to invest in recycled and refurbished wood pallets. Recycled wood pallets are the affordable and environmentally friendly way to keep your business as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

At Pallet Management Group, we provide our customers with high-quality refurbished wood pallets. We will also purchase your used wood pallets so you can get rid of waste and turn a profit while doing it. For more information about our recycled products and services, contact us today at Pallet Management Group.