Understanding more about Canada’s pallet industry makes it easier to know about where to go to find the quality you’re after. There are currently approximately 500 establishments operating within Canada’s wood container and pallet industry. However, researchers found that nearly one-third of these businesses working with pallets, skids, crates and other containers are actually owner-operated and have zero employees on the payroll.

Canada’s Pallet Industry

Nearly 40 percent of Canada’s pallet and container companies are based out of Ontario. Only 2 percent of these companies employ 100 to 499 workers. Most of the companies, nearly 70 percent, are comprised of 5 to 99 employees. Depending on the needs of the business, there may only be a number of pallet companies in your area who have the capacity to fill an order your size. Identifying the company who has decades of experience servicing Fortune 500 companies is critical for many organizations.

Separating the Pallet Competition

Aside from the capacity and reliability to fulfill large-scale orders, having options for ordering customizable pallets may be imperative as well. The ability to meet short deadlines while ensuring high quality craftsmanship may also be a deciding factor when choosing the next pallet provider. The ideal manufacturer may offer a wide variety of options, including recycled pallets and those qualified for use in the pharmaceutical industry. A reputable provider should have the ability to deliver domestically and internationally as well.

Choosing What Matters

Canadian companies who obtain their recycled pallets from flagship corporations and quality test them for immediate delivery are often the most preferred. There are even local businesses that will come pick up your unwanted pallets are are unsuitable for receiving inbound shipments. These companies help you reduce congestion, possible code infractions and potential safety hazards as well.

The Finest Pallet Providers

A pallet provider investing in serving clients eco-friendly materials tend to place a higher priority on quality assurance. Companies that place a high priority on quality assurance are typically more qualified to collect and redistribute the plastic pallets used in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Leading companies will also have several other options available, including heat treated pallets, combination pallets, new pallets and re-manufactured pallets.

A reliable pallet provider in Canada should also have several different sizes available as well. Your business needs can change in an instant with a new order, it’s nice to know your pallet provider already has the material you need to get the first shipment through. With all factors considered, it should become clearly evident which pallet provider is best suited to meet your commercial needs.