Canada’s forests are a vital part of our national history and culture. Every year, Canadians explore the beautiful forests that populate this vast and beautiful land. Many people have a personal relationship with the trees that they live near or the kind that they knew growing up. From the child playing in a tree fort in the back yard, to the young adult going tree planting to pay for university, Canadians love trees. We should: they’re one of our most valuable natural resources.

Protecting a Natural Resource

Many people react badly to the deforestation because of the love that they have for trees. Canadians have an appreciation for the value of our environment that is inspired by the great wealth that we see every day in this beautiful land.

Here at Pallet Management Group, we love trees too. That’s why we have spent the time needed to get all the information we need to know that we are doing the right thing for the environment, our community, and the trees.

The Facts


New trees are not cut down for pallets; in fact, we use trees that the logging industry cut down and then discovered they could not use for other purposes. In other words, we get the left overs that would have been wasted if they had not been salvaged.


Trees store and absorb CO2. So do pallets, for the duration of their life. (This makes them more environmentally friendly than plastic.)

The End

Pallets are reused, repurposed and recycled, which means that they are never “thrown out.” When the wood is not suitable for pallet use anymore, the wood is used for other sustainable purposes, such as heating, mulch, animal bedding, soil additions, particle boards, and pressed wood pallets.

The Future

Amazing technological developments, such as 3-D laser logging, are helping us get better at taking care of our trees every day. We at Pallet Management Group keep abreast of the latest scientific research in our industry. It’s that commitment to facts and information that allows us to become more sustainable every year.