Pallets are fundamental for any business or company that has to transport large items. Making sure your wood pallets are in good working condition is the best way to ensure that your products can be transported safely and efficiently. Damaged wood pallets are not only a nuisance; they can damage your products and potential cause safety concerns for your employees. Keep your wood pallets in good condition with these tips for wood pallet protection.

Pallet Construction

It’s important to purchase pallets that suit the specific needs of your company. If the pallets are going to be used to transport items outside, make sure that the wood is durable enough to survive in a variety of weather conditions. Check the load-bearing capacity of your wood pallets to ensure that they’re suitable to carry the weight of whatever you need transported. You don’t want your wood pallets to break as soon as you purchase them. If you are well informed about the structural integrity of your wood pallets, you’ll be able to prevent any premature damage.

Pallet Maintenance

Once you’ve found the wood pallets that suit your needs, it’s crucial to use treat them with care and use them in the way they were intended. Don’t overload your pallets because the excess weight could cause them to collapse. Make sure that you’re loading pallets onto forklifts properly. Loading wood pallets onto forklifts incorrectly can cause unnecessary dragging that can damage the bottoms of your wood pallets. Stack your pallets in an organized and orderly fashion. Storing wood pallets on top of each other in a messy way can cause the wood to chip and break. Treat your wood pallets with care and they’ll stay functional for many years to come.

Get the most out of your wood pallets by following these guidelines for good wood pallet use and care. If you need to recycle damaged wood pallets, or are interested in purchasing new or refurbished ones, contact us at Pallet Management Group and we’ll find the perfect pallets for you.