When dealing with natural materials such as wood, mold is always a possibility. Fungal mold can affect the structural integrity of your wood pallets and contaminate the material being transported on them.  Mold can also trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions. Here are some tips to prevent mold from growing on your wood pallets.

Causes of Mold

Mold requires the following conditions to grow:

  • Oxygen
  • A food source (in this case, a wood pallet)
  • An adequate temperature
  • Water

Oxygen is impossible to control, and it can be difficult to monitor the temperature of the area where your pallets are stored, especially if you leave them outdoors. Therefore, the best ways to prevent mold from growing on your pallets are by making the wood an unappealing food source and by limiting the moisture content of your wood.

Controlling Moisture Content

If your wood pallets are constructed from green or wet wood, it can be hard to limit moisture content. If pallets are left outdoors, they may get wet and cause mold to grow. It doesn’t take long for a mold spore to germinate, so the damage may already be done even if pallets are dried soon after they get wet. Kiln drying is a good way to ensure wood pallets remain dry and mold-resistant, although it’s important that the entire surface of the wood is evenly dried.

Wood Treatments

The most effective way to prevent mold infestations on your pallets is to have the wood treated. There are a number of chemical treatments available that will kill and prevent fungal spores from growing on your wood pallets. There are also more eco-friendly treatment options, such as certain natural plant extracts. The best mold treatment option for your wood will depend on the type of wood used and where your pallets are stored.

Protect your pallets against the threat of mold by keeping the wood dry and treated. Pallet Management Group offers heat treated pallets that to protect against insect and natural infestations in an environmentally-conscious way.  For more information about preventative measure against mold and wood treatment options, contact us at Pallet Management Group.

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