If you’ve been in the storage and transportation industry for many years, you may have a large number of broken and unusable wood pallets. These pallets can take up a lot of space in your work facility, causing disruption, disorganization and accidents. How can you get rid of or reuse these wood pallets in a way that is economical as well as environmentally friendly? Here are a few options for what to do with your wood pallets that are passed their prime.

Energy Use

If you have leftover pallets during the winter, one way to get rid of them is to use them as firewood. Breaking down and burning the wood from wood pallets is a great way to conserve energy costs and make use of the old wood. However, wood that has been chemically treated can release harmful toxins into the air and should therefore not be burned. Heat-treated pallets, however, are fine—before using old wood pallets as firewood, make sure you know how they were treated to prevent any accidents.

Landscape Mulch

Old wood pallets can also be broken down and turned into mulch for gardening and landscaping purposes. Mulch protects plants against extreme temperatures and weather conditions, helping them to grow strong and vibrant in any environment. Unlike artificial mulch, mulch made from recycled wood pallets is environmentally friendly and decomposes naturally.

Recycle and Reuse

If you have an excess of old and broken wood pallets, the best thing to do with them is have them recycled and refurbished. Wood is a precious natural resource, so it’s important to conserve our wood consumption by recycling and reusing as many wood products as we can. At Pallet Management Group, we buy your old wood pallets and recycle them into high-quality refurbished pallets. Why not take make a profit from those old wood pallets you have lying around? Recycling your wood pallets through Pallet Management Group is the most financially sound and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your damaged and unusable wood pallets. For more information about our pallet recycling program and other wood pallet manufacturing services, contact us today at Pallet Management Group.