Wood pallets can take up a lot of space in your work environment, and finding storage options that are both efficient and safe can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe you’ve never considered your wood pallet storage methods before, but proper wood pallet storage is important to any workplace—not only can it help to keep your work space neat and tidy, it can also help to avoid accidents and keep your workplace safe. Here are some common wood pallet storage mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Stacking Pallets on Their Side

Staking wood pallets vertically may seem like a smart way to save space, but it is actually a very dangerous storage method. Vertically stacked wood pallets are more likely to topple over, which can cause damage to workplace materials or injury to employees. Pallets should be stacked horizontally with a flat bottom to ensure that they can’t fall over and cause a safety hazard.

Stack Pallets Too High

Stacking your wood pallets in high piles may be a space saver, but in the end it’s just as dangerous as stacking your pallets vertically. The higher the pallet pile, the more likely it is to topple. Prevent this precarious situation by keeping your piles of unused wood pallets under a certain height. Keeping your pallet stacks low also makes it easier for you to take one from the pile when needed. Keep your wood pallet stacks under six feet high in order to maintain a safe and efficient workplace environment.

Keeping Damaged Wood Pallets

You may be tempted to hold on to damaged wood pallets, but keeping them can cause safety issues. Pallets with broken or splintered joints can make a pile of wood pallets more rickety when stacked, which can lead to a sudden collapse. The best way to prevent this kind of safety concern is to have your damaged wood pallets recycled or refurbished as soon as they start to break down.

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