Wood pallets help make the transportation of your products easier and more efficient, but their large size often makes it difficult to find space-conscious storage solutions for them. Wood pallet storage is more than just a matter of space conservation—improperly stored wood pallets can be a fire hazard as well. Save some space and keep your work environment safe with these wood pallet storage tips.

Avoid High Stacks

One of the many advantages of wood pallets is that they are more flame-resistant than plastic pallets. Plastic pallets have 2—2.5 times more heat content than wood pallets, which greatly increases their risk of flammability. However, if wood pallets are stacked too high for storage, the risk of fire is increased. To decrease the risk of fire, keep your stacks of pallets as low as possible by spreading your pallets out across many piles. The space in between each pile should be twice the size of the pile’s height.  There should be enough space in between each pile for employees to comfortably maneuver, and each pile should be low enough that there is no chance of a pallet falling down. If you keep your pallets stored low to the ground across a long distance, your work environment will be greatly protected from accidents and safety hazards.

Outside Storage

If you have the space, outside storage is often preferable for wood pallets. Outdoor storage is a great way to save space and decrease the risk of accidents. Again, the height of your pallet stacks should be kept to a minimum for ease of access and to prevent damaging the pallets. Outdoor storage is also the more convenient way to load pallets on to shipping trucks if they need to go from one location to another.

Wood pallets are the best way to transport large quantities of product. Storing your pallets correctly will prevent accidents and increase the lifespan of your pallets. Pallet Management Group is the premier supplier of new and refurbished wood pallets, so contact us today to have your damaged or excess wood pallets recycled and replaced.