You might have heard that Canada’s forest products industry is the world’s greenest, so that means we are dedicated to reducing, reusing, and recycling! When it comes to old pallets, we need to see them as more than just leftover timber to wasted. You could recycle them with a big company, but there are also ways to do it at home. Here are 3 awesome ways to recycle your wooden pallets and make use of them at home.

A Coffee Table

Want to make an architectural statement in your home? Then use a leftover wooden pallet or two to make an awesome coffee table. You’d be surprised at how quickly you could spruce up the look of an outdoor patio or basement seating area with an all-natural coffee table made from your pallets. Stack them up and put some nice decorations on top, and you’ll have a nice, modern, eco-friendly table to enjoy a snack or some coffee on.

Deck chairs

Your backyard deck doesn’t have to have typical lawn chairs. Why not show how green you are by using all-natural timber to make your own? Save some money, and save some trees while you’re at it. Make some deck chairs out of your wooden pallets. Stack a few on top of each other and lay some cushions and pillows on top. Voila! You could even make a lounger or bed for your guests in the backyard with them. Imagine how many people could fit on a sea of pallets adorned with cushions?

Flower Towers

Depending on the type of pallet that you have, chances are there are little valleys on the inside of the boards. Sounds like the perfect place to put some soil and plant some flowers or plants. Stand it up straight, put a bit of soil in each valley, and let the plants grow. Stand it up along the wall outside, or even keep it inside by a window. Make sure to water them regularly and let them get sunlight. In no time the pallet will be sprouting plants or even get covered in vines. Whichever look you’re going for!

Recycling pallets doesn’t have to be boring. You can give your home a modern, trendy look for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost at the store, and all while helping the environment. Wood pallets serve many more purposes than just storing materials in warehouses or yards. These 3 awesome ways to recycle your wood pallets are just the beginning!