As the main method of product storage and local and international transportation, wood pallets are central to the operations of any large-scale company. As a shipper or manufacturer, it’s important to understand the difference between various types of wood pallets to make sure your business is operating as smoothly as possible.

There are two main types of wood pallets: block pallets and stringer pallets. Understanding the differences between these two will help your find the wood pallets that make the most sense for your company. Here is some more information about block versus stringer pallets from the specialists at Pallet Management Group:

Pallet Structural Design

The differences between block and stringer pallets come down to material and structural design. Block pallets, the type most commonly used in Europe, are traditionally made of soft wood. Stringer pallets, on the other hand, are made out of hardwood and are more common in North America. The main advantage of block pallets is that they can be carried by forklift from all four sides. A stringer pallet can only be accessed by a forklift from two sides.

The more accessible block pallet is becoming the preferred structural design for wood pallets worldwide. The growth in international trade is putting pressure on various industries to standardize the type of wood pallet they use. Central and South America, where stringer pallets have been more common, are starting to switch to block pallets as well.

What Does This Mean for the Wood Pallet Industry?

The switch from stringer to block pallets has many ramifications for the wood pallet industry. Since block pallets are typically made from softwood, so stringer pallet manufacturers may have to source new materials.

During this transitional period, recycling and refurbishing is becoming increasingly important in wood pallet production. Recycling wood pallets ensures that the smallest amount of wood possible is wasted as block pallets increase in popularity. At Pallet Management Group, we provide our clients with high quality recycled wood pallets so they can get their business done in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. For more information about our recycled wood pallet products and services, contact us today at Pallet Management Group.