From bananas, to cars, to pet food—pallets deliver everything. There exist many different types of pallets, most made of wood or plastic. The wood pallet is perhaps the most classic and widely used.

Plastic pallets, however, are advantageous for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should go plastic:

  1. Eco-Friendly. Unlike wood, which can rot and develop mold, plastic is 100% recyclable. If damaged or broken, the plastic can be melted down and recreated back into plastic pallets.
  2. Can be Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry. At Pallet Management Group, we offer plastic pallets in a variety of sizes for the pharmaceutical industry. Plastic pallets are the perfect hygienic solution. They are non-porous surfaces made of durable materials to ensure that no medical contents are contaminated.
  3. Lightweight and Easy to Transport. Shipping and handling costs are significantly reduced when using plastic pallets. Compared to their wooden counterparts, plastic pallets are 30 to 35% lighter. When moving items in bulk, your costs can be cut by up to a third.
  4. Safe to Handle. With little risk of splintering or breaking, plastic pallets are safe for employees to work with. Their smooth, nail-free surfaces ensure that workers suffer no scrapes or other injuries.
  5. Easy to Clean. The non-porous surface on plastic pallets makes them easy to be hot washed, steam cleaned, or chemically sanitized to remove any bacteria or mold.
  6. Usable in all Conditions. Non-absorbent surfaces ensure plastic pallets are unaffected by harsh precipitation and weather, like rain, snow, and hail. These pallets won’t buckle in heat or cold, and will not develop mold or mildew in wet conditions.
  7. Long Life Span. Plastic pallets can last for over 10 years. If damaged, they can be ground up and reheated to form new pallets.
  8. Attractive Design. Plastic pallets are appreciated for their unique, modern design. They can be designed in different colours to help promote a company’s brand. Some businesses even choose to display their product on the plastic pallets they were delivered on.
  9. Uniform Frame. Unlike wooden pallets, which can be designed with a variety of different types of wood, plastic pallets are smooth and even. This uniform frame ensures that the pallets can be stacked and stored without the risk of jamming.
  10. Easy Forklift Access. Plastic pallets have four points of access, making them easy to pick up and transport with a forklift.

Plastic pallets are an ideal solution for shipping and handling items in bulk. To learn more about this durable, long-lasting product, get in touch with us today at Pallet Management Group. We offer a reliable service from a professional, experienced, and motivated team.