Last month, the results of two surveys conducted since 2016 for the pallet industry market and landfill avoidance were revealed. While both contain pertinent information, the landfill avoidance survey contained the most encouraging result: 95% of wooden pallets are recycled. As an environmentally conscious recycling solutions provider, Pallet Management Group is happy to be a part of the wood packaging industry!

Industry Market Survey

The survey obtained its results by asking manufacturers, wooden pallet recyclers, and brokers critical questions related to production, material usage, and a variety of business practices. Please note that all quantitative information in this post contains estimations. The information obtained was for the 2016 fiscal year and demonstrates the recovery since the 2008 recession:

  • Production Rate. The survey compared the results of the last year this type of information was recorded, 2011, with 2016. The results showed an increase of 14% in overall growth that included new and recycled production. In 2016, the total number of pallet production was 849 million. This was divided into 508 million new pallets with a 22% increase in production and 341 million recycled with a 5% increase in production since 2011.
  • Material Usage. Hardwood and softwood lumber are the primary materials used for wooden pallets. The 2016 numbers show softwood as the preferred choice with 55% while hardwood is chosen 45% of the time. This could be explained by the hardwood market still being in recovery from the recession.
  • Pallet Size. Custom pallets is the prime choice with 39% while the 48×40 pallet size is the next best choice with 35%.

Landfill Avoidance Survey

Virginia Tech independently conducted the survey to know more about pallet handling in the municipal and solid waste (MSW) and construction and demolition (C&D) landfill facilities. The results are as follows:

  • The MSW and C&D landfill facilities were goaded by environmental awareness, waste efficiency methods, and limited space, to reach an 86% reduction in wooden pallets entering and being present at the facilities.
  • The MSW and C&D landfill facilities increasingly recover wood and wooden pallets. MSW facilities have seen an increase of 29% and C&D facilities have an 18% spike.
  • Wooden pallets are used and reused until they are no longer a practical solution. They are, then, made into mulch, animal bedding, or biofuel.

The wood packaging industry is near the zero-waste mark with the highest recovery rate compared to other material industries.

Your Single Source Recycler

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