Canada is world-famous for its beautiful nature, sweeping views, and pristine forests, and our nation’s forest products industry is dedicated to preserving the lands that make our country proud. Pallet Management Group and other companies in our industry do their part to help keep our land green, and a recent survey has proven just that.

With extensive recycling programs and dedication to using only what we need, it is no surprise that our forest products industry was recognized recently as the world’s’ greenest. Here’s more about the study.

Study finds Canadian forest products the most environmentally-friendly

A recent study conducted by Leger surveyed 9 countries across the globe from the US, Europe and Asia. International customers of forest products (wood, pulp, and paper) gave the highest grades to Canadian companies. Factors such as sustainability and quality mattered heavily, especially in regards to the local environmental laws.

Dedicated to sustainability

At Pallet Management Group, we are proud that Canada’s forest products industry has earned this honour, and would like to recognize the effort put in across the board from other companies in the industry. Nearly all of us here want our forests to remain healthy for now and the future. Recognizing that it is possible to provide enough wood to benefit people economically and still maintain a healthy and balanced environment is a core value to our company.

Reused pallets. Same great quality.

Pallet Management Group works closely with big name companies on both sides of the border to obtain used pallets and offer them our customers. The benefits here are twofold. Not only do we help our customers get great products at affordable prices, but we also help the environment by ensuring that only wood that is needed gets harvested. We want to make clear that our recycled pallets are rigorously tested and are the same great quality as our other products.

Keeping the environment healthy is everyone’s responsibility, and we are happy to know we were recognized for doing our part. Canadian forest products continue to rank as the world’s best, and companies like ours have worked hard to preserve the pristine beauty of our country. With extensive recycling programs and other measures to save trees, we have earned yet another spot at the top of the global rankings!