“Lean manufacturing” refers to the method of reducing the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process. Waste can be defined as both material waste, as well as any activities that don’t add value to the product from a customer’s perspective. Lean manufacturing and operations have been very important within the wood pallet industry. Here are just a few of the ways that the principals of lean manufacturing have helped the wood pallet industry to produce more environmentally and economically efficient.

Consolidated Process

In the early days of the industry, there was a variety of steps to get damaged wood pallets collected, refurbished and sent back out to customers. Each of these steps would be performed by a different company, which created a lot of additional transportation costs and material waste along the way. Nowadays, the process of collecting, refurbishing, and redistributing wood pallets have been consolidated to make the entire process faster, more efficient, and less expensive and wasteful. At Pallet Management Group, we offer wood pallet pick-up, refurbishing, recycling and distribution services—this streamlined process allows us to provide you with quality refurbished wood pallet faster and more affordably.

Innovative Technologies

One of the biggest ways the wood pallet industry has implemented the principals of lean manufacturing is through improved recycling and refurbishing techniques. The wood pallet industry now uses innovative technologies to more efficiently and effectively sort damaged and salvageable wood pallets. Furthermore, better restoration methods and tools have made refurbishing wood pallets easier, faster and more energy-efficient. Combined with a more streamlined transportation and shipment process, innovative technologies have made the wood pallet manufacturing industry greener and leaner.

The wood pallet industry has taken the effort to become a sustainable market, both environmentally and economically. Lean manufacturing has helped the wood pallet industry to reduce waste and create more affordable products that can reach customers faster than ever. For more information on our recycled wood pallet manufacturing process and to order your very own wood pallets, contact us today at Pallet Management Group.