As the transport, storage and logistics sector continues to grow in this increasingly digital and environmentally conscious age, we are far more connected than ever. That is why the effects of the forest fires this summer in British Columbia are felt so keenly by us on the east coast. And while the worst of the fires around the Williams Lake area have thankfully been dealt with and those who live nearby are beginning a return to normalcy, the long lasting effects on the forestry industry are yet to be seen for certain. In the wake of natural disasters such as these,
it can be hard for those passionately involved with ecologically minded timber to move forward.

However, joint efforts by both industry and government forces have created a sustainability net in B.C. and across Canada to deal with just such situations. According to the CBC, in 2005 the provincial government of British Columbia set up the Forests of Tomorrow fund to boost reforestation on crown lands, working in conjunction with industry licensees already replanting on their own licensed land. Further, until the smoke fully clears, the extent of the damage cannot be ascertained. It is very possible that large portions of the affected forest area are still suitable for harvest, particularly for pallet production as we make use of often discarded parts of the timber harvesting process.

Finally, it is important to remember that less than 0.2% of Canadian forests are harvested each year, according to the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association. There is always room for growth and re-growth. As well, timber products, including wood pallets, are still significantly less damaging to the environment than plastic alternatives. Wood is longer lasting and can be easily recycled. Now, when resources are facing strain, it is vital to return time and again to natural, renewable sources for transport and storage needs.
Our thoughts as ever are with those most affected by the fires, and we know that our resilient and forward looking industry will endure.

At Pallet Management Group, we are more committed than ever to providing the highest-quality of recycled wooden pallets, as well as the purchasing of broken pallets, in our sustainability efforts. Using recycled pallets does not have to mean that the quality of your product, or its security, is put in jeopardy. Recycled pallets are often more structurally sound than new built ones, as we source our recycled materials from Fortune 500 companies and have maintained strong relationships with these organizations to keep up our vast inventory of recycled pallets. Every pallet in our stock has been quality tested, and each one is available for immediate delivery. Being environmentally conscious is important to us at Pallet Management Group, but we see long term sustainability and immediate efficiency as two sides of the same issue and we are committed to both, and to you.

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