Wood pallets are essential to the local and international transportation of items across a variety of industries. It is estimated that 441 million new pallets are manufactured and 357 million pallets are rebuilt from discarded materials each year in the United States alone. This makes the pallet industry one of the biggest users of hardwood lumber by volume in North America.

While efforts to recycle wood pallets have increased greatly over the past decade, there are still up to 100 million wood pallets per year that wind up in landfills. Here is some more information about how wood pallets recycling initiatives like Pallet Management Group are making the industry more sustainable and profitable:

What’s the problem with landfills?

Recyclable materials such as wood pallets aren’t meant to wind up in landfills. When pallets end up in landfills, their wood can’t be refurbished to make new ones, thus requiring more trees to be harvested in order to keep up with the demand for pallets. This cycle is wasteful, damaging to the environment, and expensive.

The other issue with pallets ending up in landfills is that they take up a lot of space. Wood pallets are big and therefore create a spatial problem for waste management teams, who are already trying to mitigate overcrowded landfills. Keeping wood pallets out of landfills would not only conserve trees, it would also help us to better manage our waste.

Have Your Wood Pallets Recycled with Pallet Management Group

If you have some old or damaged wood pallets taking up space in your work facility, don’t dispose of them at the dump or local landfill. The team at Pallet Management Group will purchase your wood pallets from you to refurbish into new ones. Why not clear some space in your warehouse and make a profit at the same time? If you’re in need of new wood pallets, we also sell recycled pallets at an affordable rate. For more information about purchasing our refurbished pallets and to learn more about our wood pallet recycling initiative, contact us today at Pallet Management Group.