Recycling as Personal and Industry Challenges

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Many things come to mind when we think about Canada: our gorgeous lakes and mountains, diverse and vibrant cities, vast forests, and—we’d like to think—environmental record. However, we haven’t quite merited that last one. In a 2009 study (the most recent year available), Canada ranked last out of 17 industrialized nations when it came to [...]

Rebuilding in Response to B.C.’s Forest Fires

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As the transport, storage and logistics sector continues to grow in this increasingly digital and environmentally conscious age, we are far more connected than ever. That is why the effects of the forest fires this summer in British Columbia are felt so keenly by us on the east coast. And while the worst of the [...]

Protecting Canadian Forests from Interfering Species

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At Pallet Management Group, we are dedicated to the environment and sustainable practices in the wood packaging materials (WPM) industry. That is why we specialize in recycled and refurbished wood pallets, which are both environmentally sound and up to the most demanding of industry standards. Yet we cannot ignore that the Canadian forestry industry is [...]

Wood Pallets Within the Global Supply Chain

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From retail to agriculture and everything in between, wood pallets are essential to the transportation and storage process in a variety of industries. It is estimated that wood pallets carry up to 80% of all commerce and account for almost half of all hardwood lumber production in the United States. Some experts in the field [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Warehouse Management

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The smooth day-to-day operations of your warehouse is an important part of the logistics chain. Part storage facility and part pick-up and drop-off location, your warehouse is central to the efficient functioning of any supply chain system. Here is some more information about the significance of warehouse management from the supply chain and logistics specialists [...]

5 Types of Pallets, Explained

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From a distance, pallets might all look the same: stacks and stacks of wooden structures with hollow centres and the occasional brown stain. Up close, you’ll notice that no two pallets are alike. Pallets are created with a variety of different materials, including recycled wood, plywood, and plastic. Here are some common types of pallets [...]

Help Save Wood from Ending Up in Landfills with Pallet Recycling

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Wood pallets are essential to the local and international transportation of items across a variety of industries. It is estimated that 441 million new pallets are manufactured and 357 million pallets are rebuilt from discarded materials each year in the United States alone. This makes the pallet industry one of the biggest users of hardwood [...]

The Benefits of Becoming an Environmentally Sustainable Business

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Environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important topic of conversation among business leaders over the past few years. With growing concerns about the scarcity of non-renewable resources and their impact on the environment, how to incorporate sustainable practices into business has become a significant discussion within many industries. Sustainability is not only beneficial from an [...]

The Benefits of Wood Pallets Versus Plastic Pallets

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There’s a longstanding debate in the transportation, storage and logistics industry about the benefits of wood pallets versus plastic pallets. While it may seem like plastic pallets would be the more environmentally-conscious option, wood pallets are actually the type of shipping material you should you if you’re concerned about reducing the ecological footprint of your [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Wood Pallet Collars

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You may have heard the term before, but what exactly are wood pallet collars? Pallet collars are a modern and highly effective packing solution for storing and transporting goods of various sizes. If you’re having trouble keeping all of your products safe and organized during shipment, storage or transportation, try using pallet collars for improved [...]

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