Tips for Safe Pallet Handling

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Pallets are an essential tool for any business that ships and stores products. If used inappropriately, pallets can be dangerous, causing injury to employees. To ensure your employees stay safe, and your pallets undamaged, here are a few tips from your local pallet experts: Do not use rotting or damaged pallets. Damaged pallets can be [...]

Turning Wooden Pallets Into Mulch

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Mulch is the term used to describe any material that is spread over the ground to insulate and protect soil. It helps increase soil fertility, and can protect plants from nasty insects and pests. Ground up wooden pallets, believe it or not, make fantastic mulch for your yard or garden. How does it work? Recycled [...]

Tips for Warehouse Management this Holiday Season

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Christmas is a busy time for most businesses. In fact, some make up to 50% of annual revenue in the last quarter of the year. Depending on how prepared you are, the holiday season can be a super success or a total flop for your business. To ensure your warehouse is ready for the Christmas [...]

10 Advantages of Plastic Pallets

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From bananas, to cars, to pet food—pallets deliver everything. There exist many different types of pallets, most made of wood or plastic. The wood pallet is perhaps the most classic and widely used. Plastic pallets, however, are advantageous for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should go plastic: Eco-Friendly. Unlike wood, which [...]

Wood Pallets 101: Block vs. Stringer Pallets

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As the main method of product storage and local and international transportation, wood pallets are central to the operations of any large-scale company. As a shipper or manufacturer, it’s important to understand the difference between various types of wood pallets to make sure your business is operating as smoothly as possible. There are two main [...]

The History of Wood Pallets

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Wood pallets are easy to overlook. They’re used everywhere—from storage facilities to DIY furniture projects. Despite their simplicity, wood pallets have a fascinating history. Since the 1900s, pallets have played a pivotal role in the international transportation industry. Here are some things you should know about the colourful history of wood pallets: Today, pallets can [...]

Recycling as Personal and Industry Challenges

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Many things come to mind when we think about Canada: our gorgeous lakes and mountains, diverse and vibrant cities, vast forests, and—we’d like to think—environmental record. However, we haven’t quite merited that last one. In a 2009 study (the most recent year available), Canada ranked last out of 17 industrialized nations when it came to [...]

Rebuilding in Response to B.C.’s Forest Fires

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As the transport, storage and logistics sector continues to grow in this increasingly digital and environmentally conscious age, we are far more connected than ever. That is why the effects of the forest fires this summer in British Columbia are felt so keenly by us on the east coast. And while the worst of the [...]

Protecting Canadian Forests from Interfering Species

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At Pallet Management Group, we are dedicated to the environment and sustainable practices in the wood packaging materials (WPM) industry. That is why we specialize in recycled and refurbished wood pallets, which are both environmentally sound and up to the most demanding of industry standards. Yet we cannot ignore that the Canadian forestry industry is [...]

Wood Pallets Within the Global Supply Chain

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From retail to agriculture and everything in between, wood pallets are essential to the transportation and storage process in a variety of industries. It is estimated that wood pallets carry up to 80% of all commerce and account for almost half of all hardwood lumber production in the United States. Some experts in the field [...]

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